Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Boardwalk Tater Tornado

Boardwalk Tater Tornado

Now this is not your dad's French fries. This is certainly the brand-new and enhanced potato that comes by using the title of Boardwalk Tater Tornado!

These Tater Tornado is actually transforming, obliterating and even eradicating starving people at gala's, carnivals and fun-loving celebrations all over the United States. Look for these during the future county or town fair in your area.

People will possibly grab one up in a hurry purely because of your pure entertainment benefit regarding being able to get photos of this brand-new product and talk of it almost all day long. Take some photos of it with your Apple i phone and post it to all your Facebook buddies.

Just what is the Tater Tornado?

The Tater Tornado is really a big potato which has been sliced in a spinning method so that you can get large round potato pieces. And then every one of the slices are skewered by a long, thin solid wood stick. After that everything will be deep-fried exactly like the process of cooking French fries.

It is an unique cutting product that is able to slice the actual potato into spiral shapes and also the bamboo skewer helps maintain all of the slices together with each other, reported by The pieces are usually fried inside hot oil and the result is usually a kind of merger or combination of the best of French fries and large circular potato chips.

According to the Associated Press, one particular dealer whom carries these tasty pleasures in Nj has identified part of the beauty of a Tornado Potato is because the deep-fried slices of potato keep to the skewer and you can now simply just keep it up to your mouth and take bites while you wander around. This may also be a negative predicament because of the fact it can very easily be shared with other people, as opposed to something such as a hot dog or hamburger.

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